Monday, May 17, 2010

the simple things in life

I asked for cake. I got cake.
It was a good day.

'Til next time


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Seattle Savy

This weekend S and I took what turned out to be a very short trip to Seattle. I had an interview saturday morning for an internship, and S was wonderful enough to come along. We were able to drop by the incredible market on Pike street before leaving, and I was blown away. And really envious. All of you out there who have never been to Seattle (like me until this weekend) should go if you get the chance, and all of you who have been to Seattle but never to the Pike st. Market should repent and go back. The market, on Pike st, just a block or two from the Puget Sound in Seattle's downtown, is located in several old brick buildings, like the old mill buildings I'm familiar with in the Northeast. There great website offers more information, but let me just say I have only experienced such a real market environment in a few places. One was in Vienna last November, with booths so close and so many people that you're constantly rubbing shoulders with other shoppers and all the vendors are yelling and holding up goods. The smells and sounds of the Pike Place Market were wonderful. Portland's saturday's market might feel closer to this if you crammed it all into several floors of an old creeky building, kept it open all week, and had the sounds of ocean water and docks just within earshot. Don't visit Seattle without stopping by for some fried shrimp or fresh vegetables, not to mention the thousand other options we didn't have time to try.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm a Toys R' Us Kid


The past few days we thought it'd be fun to try and be adults. We bustled around town dropping off resumes, moved into new houses, paid some bills, and did a few interview things. I felt very accomplished and so did S. We scheduled our time and were very efficient with the car we had borrowed. The world was ours and for a second I caught a glimpse of the world that just might be waiting for me after I graduate. Maybe I can be responsible. Maybe we can budget our time and money and function as normal adults of society. Maybe...

After two days of responsibility, we felt rather warn out. Adults do a lot of things during the day. They need to fill it up with errands or else it would be unproductive. Feeling exhausted we thought it'd be best to take a nap. Naps are good. We love naps. That's when I realized I don't like being an adult. Don't get me wrong, it is a necessary part of life. Gaining knowledge and applying it to day to day life is a beautiful thing and a little bit of organized chaos wouldn't hurt anyone. People get lost when life gets too organized. I keep forgetting about today and worry too much about how I'll feed myself five years from now. I get scared when I can't find the joy in my future anymore. Kids live for the moment. They play in the now. Somehow that is enough. I'm not saying to stop building for a future, but don't forget about the present either. It is what we live through after all.

As I sit here typing, S is drawing. Doing what he does best. Doing what makes him happy. That's all kids want. They do what makes them happy. I was told before every high school theatre performance to "show them your joy." That's what it's all about. Whether S is sketching on a pad as I watch the latest Bleach episode or tossing resumes to every hiring bike shop in Portland, it's an adventure. Hopefully we find some joy in it. We do what makes us happy and in the end hope everyone can have fun with us too.


ps. I start work tomorrow. =(

Friday, April 30, 2010

Yea we did it...

Welcome to the Misadventures of Sam and Spencer. Yea we did it. We made a blog together. Why? We can answer this question in three parts.

We plan on going on many adventures. The world is an amazing place that deserves to be explored inside and out. It has many secrets waiting to be unraveled. Why should such a beautiful place continue to go untouched? We love the world, we love adventure, and we want to share our experiences with anyone with a wandering spirit.

We are idealists. (more on this later)

To keep a record of our insanity. We do crazy things.

That's all we can really say. You'll have to come back to find out more...cuz we aren't really all that sure what we are doing either. We wander. We dream. We take naps in the sun. Why? Well...why not?

Love and Peace.

Sam and Spencer